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Published on June 12th, 2013


Get ripped this summer with Bodyactive Nation

As summer holidays begin to descend upon us, many begin to start their cutting cycles in preparation for the beach. What better a time of year to host a ‘Fat Burner’ week on nation reviewing our top 5 fat burning and weight-loss supplements to aid you on your way. Today’s fat burner of choice is Gaspari Nutrition’s Detonate.

Gaspari Detonate


Launch to a hungry audience in September of last year, Gaspari detonate touts itself as the great thermogenic amplifier. Its ‘WOW’ tagline actively invites you to exceed your own expectations in anticipation of the stimulant effects on offer. Clinically tested in both men and women, Detonate supplementation has shown increases in lean muscle tissue, and reductions in weight.

One of the key ingredients in the product is Dendrobium Extract; a plant extract member of the orchid family, traditionally used in Chinese medicines. Dendrobium is said to incite stimulant effects higher than those seen with comparable compounds DMAA (Dimethylamylamine), Yohimbine, and Synephrine. As a result Dendrobium is on the radar of many sports supplement companies as a potential addition to their fat burning and pre-workout products.

Gaspari Detonate Ingredients

Were that not enough to convince you of the thermogenic stimulant effects of Gaspari Detonate, additional ingredients include Caffeine Anhydrous, Tangerine extract, B-Phenlethylamine HCL, Green Tee Extract, Coffee Bean Extracts, Black Pepper Extract and Asian Ginseng. Due to the potency, Gaspari advise users do not combine this concoction with any other caffeine based supplements, and advise using the product for no longer than 4 weeks cycles.

Detonate Reviews

Gaspari have stated that their trails have been competed on human subjects, with each witnessing notable decreases in bodyweight, whilst also increasing lean muscle mass. The actual information from these trials does not appear to be readily available online, and we would welcome any insight into the actual figures gained by trial participants. Regardless, Detonate has received a number of high profile reviews, with each streaming with praise for the fat burner.

The product has gained an average 8.8 out of 10 on, with an authenticity of 70%. Detonate fared even better on were it has maintained an average 9 out o 10 score over 8 reviews. It would certainly appear the supplement taking public have a fondness for Gaspari Detonate.

Bodyactive Nation Detonate

Here at the Nation we’ll be running down the Top 5 in many of our supplement categories. Gaspari Detonate is one of the newer formulas, which remains a legal and athlete friendly formula while pushing the edge enough to make it useful for those who are used to stronger products. It certainly makes you ‘feel’ energized – which is one of the often overlooked aspects of getting ripped – simply higher intensity in workouts and shorter rest periods often makes fat drop off.



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