Psychologically Fit?

Published on August 21st, 2012

Now I think it is fairly reasonable to say that fitness is impossible without having the correct mind set. Though many of us go through periods of ‘cant be bothered going to the gym tonight, I’m always tired these days, nothing seems to be working for me these days’ we go and train nonetheless, we don’t feel so bad then, we applaud ourselves for not being lazy and pat ourselves on the back.


The problem is these sessions are pretty futile and not really doing you any good because your head isn’t in the right place, and you would have been better off missing the gym session, going home, relaxing in a hot bath with a glass of wine, then having a really early night. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body, there are times when the body and the mind need to take some time out, and I don’t mean like when you have your annual holiday, I mean when you have the odd day here and there when you wake, go to work, because lets face it we bloody have too! And you spend all day trying to psyche yourself up to go to the gym when you really really don’t feel like it.

I say, don’t go, pretty pointless, your’e not going to have a great session, and your body is still probably going to feel as bad the next day, even worse your mind will be in a worse place than it was the day previous, hence starting a period of bad workouts one after the other and nothing gained.


All I’m saying is, don’t feel bad about missing the odd gym session, it won’t do you any harm, your training partner will understand and in the long run you will benefit, from your workouts, and psychologically.

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