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Published on July 26th, 2012
English: this is when i met her in 2005.. (yes...

English: this is when i met her in 2005.. (yes i met her in her underwear… long story!) its from my camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From 32E Surgically Enhanced Boobs Boozy Babe To Buff Bodybuilding Bombshell

LONDON, ENGLAND - DECEMBER 02: Jodie Marsh att...

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 02: Jodie Marsh attends The Global Angel Awards at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel on December 2, 2011 in London, England. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Jodie Marsh has rocketed into mainstream daily headlines over the past year, and it’s been great exposure and momentum for the world of female physique development. Because whether you like Ms Marsh or not, the highly mainstream exposure in magazines and newspapers, as well as online forums and blogs has really driven home to women that you actually can make dramatic changes to your physique and body, and still remain feminine and sexy. Jodie Marsh has even recently won gold in the USA at an all natural female physique bodybuilding competition a year on from her first competition in 2011, which she prepared for in less than 10 weeks … really proving that you can go from soft and smooth, to buff and super lean in literally no time at all. For those of us who use Twitter, Jodie (33) is extremely open and honest on her Jodie Marsh Official Twitter feed, detailing her diet, nutrition and training progress as well as her future goals for her own body goals and what she hopes to inspire and help other women (and men) overcome their struggles in life, and adopt a structured lifestyle approach to eating clean and training mean.

Jodie Marsh Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Jodie Marsh has been coached this time around by Mr and Mrs Great Britain in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom at a central town centre gymnasium. Eddie Abbew won his bodybuilding title in 1997 and he opened Eddie Abbews Olympian Gym in the Marlowes Shopping Centre in July last year. The owner of the gym Eddie Abbew trains with his long term training partner Carmen Knights, who was named Miss Great Britain in 2005. Whereas when she originally embarked upon her competitive bodybuilding career in 2011, she was enlisting the help of Tim Sharp (another ex professional bodybuilder) at Sharpbodies. Without a doubt these guys know there stuff, and the combined training knowledge has had Jodie working up a sweat every single day of the week, focussing on endurance training, sculpting, and strength work to develop the solid muscularity she needs to both transform her physique into a marketable product, as well as win bodybuilding competitions as her personal goals. Her faith in the hands of these professional coaches has certainly paid off and is a testament to their applied knowledge of training techniques to assist women specifically in achieving their physique goals.

When it comes to her diet, Jodie Marsh has always been quite open to the fact that in order to drop two dress sizes from a size 8 to size 6 in less than 8 weeks you have to put the effort into the diet and nutrition element, even more so than the training. Although she admits she hasn’t been able to kick the smoking habit and occasional need for chocolate, she completely thrives on the healthy energy promoting diet she now follows all year round to achieve the body she wants. Jodie has eliminated alcohol, sugars and junk foods (other than the mentioned chocolate addiction) and opted instead for a high protein, low carb diet high in green leafy vegetables.

Originally Jodie only wanted to lose a little flab and flatten her tummy, but the velocity of the effects she received from following such a quality diet were so astounding and addictive, she created more energy and strength, and so very quickly adopted the bodybuilding lifestyle so many of us get addicted to. Why? Because done right, it is highly rewarding and makes you feel fantastic!

jodie marsh diet plan

Jodie Marsh Supplements

Prior to releasing her very own brand of sports supplements, named JST-Jodie, a custom signature series aimed at both women and men alike, Jodie has repeatedly reported the use of protein shakes as a defining and cornerstone element in her successful physique transformation – routinely consuming PhD Diet Whey, sometimes multiple servings every single day. It is clear that in order to radically and naturally drop bodyfat, whilst retaining high quality muscle and continue to gain strength, endurance and tone, she made heavy use of supplementation and quite clearly her belief in the products were the deciding factor that encourage Ms Marsh to bring out to the market her very own supplement range. We’re not sure how successful the product range is going to be, but we certainly applaud Jodie Marsh for raising the awareness of effective supplementation for women, as well as men, who want to make dramatic and profound healthy changes to their physiques.

Jodie Marsh Naked

I feel proud of myself. I’ve always been confident, but I’ve had moments where I haven’t wanted people to see me naked.” - Jodie Marsh on body building

Well, we’re not going to be posting the sort of nude photo’s of Jodie Marsh’s boobs that she’s famous for, as we are focussing on her dramatic move from glamour photography to fitness photography, and like Jodie, we believe that there is a definitive shift in popular belief and that STRONG is the new SEXY.

And I’m so in love with my 8 pack :-) Can’t stop looking at it in mirror. Haha.” – Jodie Marsh Twitter 2012

Jodie Marsh Documentary DMAX

Jodie has now filmed a number of very successful and popular documentaries that have been aired and well received. The initial documentary for LA Muscle TV entitled Six Pack In Four Weeks went down a storm and encouraged Jodie Marsh to push forward with a bigger project for 2012, which had her filming for weeks, especially in Miami, in the run up to her gold medal win. Jodie has even had global coverage in the well respected Muscle and Fitness magazine, bringing her celebrity antics to a whole new audience. Seriously inspiring women to get off their butts and start working out, no matter what their end game is. Her latest documentary for DMAX has been a storming success, so we’re greatly looking forward to her next move in raising awareness and inspiring women from all walks of life.

We’d love to hear what you think of Jodie Marsh, and how she has engineered her celebrity status to find a new aspect to her career, and at the same time, seriously encouraging regular women to get up and start exercising. Of course that is, so long as she can steer the headlines away from more Kirk Norcross TOWIE news that is!

jodie marsh bodybuilder

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